Karthi finds NTR’s movie..??

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Tamil Actor Karthi who is doing big at Kollywood is planning to act in Telugu with  a straight film and that too with a multistarrer.NTR and Nagarjuna planned to do a Multistarrer in Vamsi Paidapally direction,Due to various creative differences between NTR and director the project kept on hold  which created  way to Tamil star Karthi to act in straight Telugu film,If latest sources are believed Karthi going to replace NTR role in the Multistarrer with Nagarjuna

Along with his brother Surya Karthi had a good market in Telugu with his dubbed film s which are doing equally  business compared with straight Telugu Films.If this project got started Karthi will surely evolve as a Top star in Telugu giving tough Fight to  established Tollywood stars .

Madras Trailer:

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