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Kat yelled at Salman Khan but why ?

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Bollywood box office king, Salman Khan made fun of Katrina Kaif on a comedy show and said, ‘she was of no use to me’. Now, Katrina has revealed in an interview that she yelled at Salman for his inappropriate comment.In a recent interview with the GQ magazine, Katrina said, ”The base of my relationship with Salman was correct, it  was true. Which is why we are still able to be friends. But he lives in a parallel universe, always making these jokes about me publicly, which get the media really kicked.”

She further added on to say ” I called him and yelled at him. I can do that, it is the sort of equation we have. He said, ‘Okay sorry I will apologize to the media’. I told him to do no such thing and maintain a dignified silence if that is possible.”

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