Katrina’s red hair for Fitoor costed Rs.55 lakhs

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According to recent reports, Katrina Kaif’s red hair in Fitoor costs Rs 55 lakhs. According to a report by Miss Malini and Openthemagazine.com, Katrina Kaif couldn’t find any Mumbai professional who could give her hair the expected shade of red for Fitoor. So, she ended up recruiting a London-based hair colouring expert.  ”According to insiders, the producers were horrified to learn that they’ve shelled out roughly Rs 55 lakh on-wait for it-their leading lady’s hair coloring alone.

So she ended up recruiting a London-based hair coloring expert for the job. This, of course, meant that she needed to zip across to London every few months for a fresh coat… and everyone knows the diva is no budget traveler.” ”She flew First Class, and her accompanying manager, Business Class. Plus five- star hotel accommodation on each trip. All added up, it’s cost the makers a pretty packet, and from what one hears, they’re not thrilled,” the report said.

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