Katy Perry to rally for Hillary Clinton

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The pop singer, in her first appearance for the 2016 campaign, will rally Clinton supporters on Oct. 24 in downtown Des Moines before the presidential nominee attends the Iowa Democratic Party’s annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, Clinton’s campaign announced Saturday morning.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Perry will rally Clinton supporters before the event, which will take place on October 24, in Des Moines, Iowa. Perry has been vocal about her approval for Clinton in the past. During the former Secretary of State’s 2014 book signing for her memoir, Hard Choices, Perry shared a photo of the two and offered to write Clinton’s campaign theme song.

Of course, this type of political passion is nothing new for Katy. The pop star has actually been a huge supporter for her preferred political candidates over the course of her career, in particular playing a key role in rallying supporters for Barack Obama back in 2012 when she performed at countless events and rallies while wearing campaign-themed dresses featuring political motifs and slogans.


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