Questioning the authenticity of Shilpa’s claims, Kavita added, “Sanjay is a boisterous man, but is he a man who will force himself on a woman? As a family man, is he dumb enough to do something as suicidal as making a pass at a strong woman? I’m not on anyone’s side, I’m just laying [down] the facts for everyone to decipher.”

Kavita admits that she herself had many fights with the producers over costumes to shooting dates to even food but they never brought it out in public. She said, “I say this as someone who has worked with this team for nine years. And no, I’m not interested in any projects with them currently and neither are they my friends. I speak now because suddenly other people are also throwing a volley of allegations at an already cornered couple. Why did they wait so long? I feel that issues get solved when addressed at the right time, whereas revenge awaits the right moment.”