Kerala Government involves CBI to investigate Kalabhavan Mani’s death

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Kalabhavan Mani's case is given to CBI
Kalabhavan Mani’s case is given to CBI

Kalabhavan Mani is a well known actor and singer who is owned by every south Indian film Industry. He worked for over 200 films and took his last breath on 6th March 2016 in a Kochi Hospital. He was admitted for liver ailment and was kept in ICU before his death. Everyone thought his too much consumption of Alcohol is the reason. But later based on the forensic test from the Regional Chemical Examiner’s Laboratory, his death is caused by a poisonous chemical, Chlorpyrifos, which is commonly used to make insect killers.

While the investigation is going on, now recently the Kerala Government decided to hand over the case to Central Bureau of Investigation. So as per the state DGP’s request, CBI is about to take over the case and continue the investigation.