“Killing Veerappan” Movie Review and Rating

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Killing Veerappan Movie Review

Killing Veerappan is a 2016 Indian docudrama thriller film written and directed by Ram Gopal Varma, based on the events leading to Operation Cocoon to capture or kill Indian bandit Veerappan. Shot primarily in the Kannada language, the film was simultaneously dubbed into Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil languages, featuring Shivaraj Kumar in the central role of Senthamarai Kannan, the Superintendent of police, with the Indian Special Task Force, and the spy who masterminded Operation Cocoon. The first teaser of Killing Veerappan was released on 12 July 2015. The full length trailer was released on 18 October 2015, which achieved highly positive reviews.

The Kannada version was released in over 200 screens in the state of Karnataka on 1 January 2016.Upon its wide release, the film received highly positive reviews with critics praising the performances, background score, cinematography, screenplay, casting, and direction. The film has reportedly grossed upto Rs 12 crores in the state of Karnataka in first three days and emerged as a Box office Hit.

Cast and Crew:
Directed by      :Ram Gopal Varma
Produced by    :B. V. Manjunath,B. S. Sudhindra,E. Shivaprakash
Screenplay by  :Ram Gopal Varma
Story by            :Ram Gopal Varma
Starring :Shiva Rajkumar,Sandeep  Bharadwaj,Yagna                                      Shetty,Sanchari Vijay,Parul Yadav
Music by                      :Ravi Shankar
Cinematography         :Rammy
Edited by                     :Anwar Ali
Production company    :ZED3 Pictures
Distributed by               :G. R. Pictures
Country                         :India
Language                    :Kannada,Hindi,Telugu,Tamil
As we all know, Killing Veerappan movie is all about finding and taking down Veerappan by a cop. An Operation named “Operation Cocoon” was launched by Tamil Nadu State Task Force to nab and kill Veerappan who killed 187 innocent people and 97 policemen and even his own daughter to escape from police men. How an intelligent and vigorous superintendent of police(Shivraj Kumar) plans to kill Veerappan(Sandeep Bharadwaj) by bringing him out of forest and the moves he take to take down Veerappan and also the love story of Veerappan forms the story.

Plus Points:-
Credit should go to Ram Gopal Varma for getting his casting absolutely bang on. The way he has chosen a new face for Veerappan’s role is spot on and gives you a dreaded feeling right from the first frame itself. The Mumbai actor looks astonishingly close to Veerappan and strikes vengeance from the word go.

The locations chosen, realistic set up and the dense forest locations give a superb effect to the film. The various assassination plans to kill Veerappan and the way they have been executed is quite good. Coming to the performances, Shivraj Kumar is pretty good as the cop and holds the film together. The way RGV has showcased him is pretty decent.

Several other supporting characters, especially Yagna Shetty who played Veerappan’s wife is very good in her role. Major credit should go to the way RGV has revealed some startling facts about certain real life events. The main aspect which goes well is that RGV has showcased Veerappan in a normal way and not in a cinematic and larger than life character.

Minus Points:-
One of the biggest drawbacks of the film is that Veerappan has very less screen space. His story is untold as his past or the way he became so strong, points like these have been left to the back burner. All those who wanted to know more about Veerappan and his personal side will be disappointed a bit.

The film is narrated in a complete cop view and how they manage to nab him. In this regard, certain logics and cinematic liberties have been left behind which is clearly visible on screen. The first half is a bit normal and the tempo only builds up during the second half.

Moviemint Rating: 3.5/5

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