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Kokomo Island- A mobile private island

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Everyone knows about a ship, a cruise , a submarine, and other floating devices. However it would be quite astounding to know and hear about a mobile private Island. Does it seem like some sci-fi and fairy tale blitz. Well tuck up under the blanket and know that its not some kind of a mythological extravaganza.

Kokomo Island is a mobile private island that floats on two semi-submersible platforms. It is 385 feet long and this massive gigantic  habitat is a floating fun zone especially when it’s in international waters. Migaloo, a mysterious company offers 5 different varieties of underwater palaces of which Kokomo Island is their crown jewel. The design of this mobile private island is completely customized and the amenities that Migaloo offers is out of this world. The provisions include– Private owners penthouse 80 M above sea level

– Jungle deck with palm trees and vertical garden

– Beach deck with entertainment pool & barbecue area

– Garden deck with al-fresco outdoor dining

– Spa deck with spa and beauty saloons

– Large pool areas and waterfalls

– 2 beach clubs including beach gym

– Underwater dining saloon, shark-feeding station- Outdoor cinema

– Heli deck

– Massive storage for tender & toys

The company lists Kokomo Island for sale along with a fleet of five submersible yacht, on its spare website.  However, Migaloo hasn’t actually sold any mobile private islands so far.

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