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Kotha Kothaga Unnadi : Kimaya Interview

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Kotha Kothaga Unnadi : Kimaya Interview
Kotha Kothaga Unnadi : Kimaya Interview

Hi This is Kimaya here.
Iam here for an Exclusive Interview with Vega Entertainment after the audio function of my film Kotha Kothaga Unnadi to share few moments onscreen and of screen.

How will u describe yourself…
Iam a very Simple girl at my heart. Iam a combination of fire and ice, sugar and spice. all of this when in love. Iam in love with my life and with movies.

What is the sexiest thing about you ?
The way i carry myself i think. and my eyes because its a clear picture of my heart.

Having bagged the film and now as the audio is out what have you planned for your career?
I still have the same approach towards work as i had earlier. i will love to play different kind of roles as it gives me a kick. it has taken a lot of hard work and patience to reach here. but i believe in not taking my achievement seriously, do your work and move on.

Now that you have become an actress does that make you proud.
Nothing makes me proud. iam a normal girl who believes in entertaining people with my work so iam here. Yes it does feel good to be here but it also means i should focus on my work more.

What’s the most Embarrassing Moment
Nothing is more embarrassing than making love on Screen. When you know thousands of people will be watching it. and i did that in “Kotha kothaga Unnadi” as i had a love making song

Are you under pressure to select films more carefully.
absolutely not. i believe in my instincts. i will love to work with all directors established and new comers. i have always looked at whether i connect with the story

It looks like you did lot of prepare for your character ?
As an Actor you usually go to set with preparation. But with satish sir i realized the less you prepare its better as he changes dialogues at the spur of moments with satish sir you should go like a clean slate so you can write the way he wants you to.

What about Samar you shared a great chemistry as we saw in the song Okkasariga (Kotha K U )
It was fun working with him. He is an extremely giving actor and charming. He believes in keeping everyone happy on set and he does not need to do anything special to make one happy. He has his own style and i have my own and we connected to have a good chemistry on screen. whatever happens in his life good or bad his attitude towards life remains unaltered.

It’s believed that while doing a reel love story, love enters your life too ?
( Laughs) You cannot deny the possibility. But everyone has a different journey. I wanted to do a nice love story so took kotha kothaga unnadi . hoping for it to work well.

If you wanted to change something about yourself what would it be ?
My hypersensitivity. as i get Attached to people very soon and get affected by it also. but on second thoughts actually ” i Would rather be hurt than not feeling anything.”

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