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Kotha Kothaga Unnadi : Samar Interview

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Kotha Kothaga Unnadi : Samar Interview
Kotha Kothaga Unnadi : Samar Interview

Tell us about yourself ?

Hi my name is samar I am from pune . I have done bachelors in commerce from symbiosis pune and discontinued CA and was a part of my family business before I came to film industry.

Did you take any formal training in acting?

Yes !! I was a student of Roshan Taneja School Of Acting Mumbai. I have learned all the skills about acting , fights n dance from there only.

Do you dub your voice in films?

NO,  when I  came to Hyderabad for films I was not so perfect with Telugu language so I had to take lessons for it which was by my producer when I signed my first film Kotha Kothaga Unnadi n even after that I was not so fluent with telugu so my directors decided to dub my voice with dubbing artist … I am trying hard to learn it n make my self perfect with language, surely in next film ill dub my part .

Did you face any uncomfortable or embarrassing scenes when you were facing camera?

Yes, when we were shooting for our song Okkasariga , it’s a romantic song where little bit for intense scenes are there,because you have to be very careful in such songs while shooting, only that time it was lil uncomfortable shooting or acting in front of camera!!

What is the response from your classmates?

They are happy because few of my friends from acting school got opportunity so do I so I am happy for them n they are also happy , and talking about my friends who are from pune so they are being very supportive and at the same time they make fun of me some times which is okay !!

Tell us about the characters you did in Kotha Kotha Unnadi?

I have played lover boy character, they are shades in my role (first half and second half ) for first time having such role was lil bit tough.

What is your aim in life?

I want become good actor first and my work should entertain people for now that’s it .

What do you think are your strengths in your acting?

Everyone says my eyes are expressive !!

How are you planning your career?

I have done lover boy role in kotha kothaga unnadi , I want to do some action film because I am to tall so I think it will be nice for my personality.


What do you like in girls?

I like inner beauty or generally we call good hearted person, I don’t like girls with attitude.

Did anybody propose to you?

When I was in class 12th girl from my class proposed me. When I came to Hyderabad because of long distance it dint work out later, And when it comes to girls I feel nervous n shy I feel comfortable only after meeting 3-4 times .

What were your feelings after looking at yourself on the big screen for the first time in public?

I was happy seeing my self on big screen ! n curious to see again in different film!!

Who helps in planning your career?

My family n specially my father who is not from this industry but still he helps me in every possible way

You have 2 heroines (akshita n kimaya) in your film with whom it was good working ?

Kimaya ! because she has done 2 films and she is talented n I learned lot of things from her

 Do you take any care in terms of diet?

Not really I like to it everything I am foodie person !!

Whom do you like among the heroes?

I like Mahesh babu And shahrukh khan

Who is your favorite heroine?

There are lots of heroine its difficult to like one but my favorite is deepika padukone so far.

Do you surf moviemint.com?

Yes whenever I am free .

Do you want to say anything to moviemint.com visitors?

I will try my level best to entertain you in the future. Please do wish me the best and my first film Kotha Kothaga Unnadi thank you.

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