KTR criticizes PM Modi for not visiting Hyderabad even once in 18 months

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While continuing to woo leaders from other parties, the TRS asserted that a win in the GHMC polls by the party was a must to ensure faster development of Hyderabad, which had been neglected by Congress and TD governments.Panchayat raj minister K.T. Rama Rao criticised Mr Modi for his failure to visit Hyderabad even once in 18 months of being in office though he visited 40-50 countries. “Modi has ruled for 18 months and KCR ruled for 18 months. You have seen KCR and his work.Did anyone see Modi? He has time to visit 40 to 50 countries, but he has not visited Hyderabad or many other states. There’s a joke in New Delhi — PM Narendra Modi was searching for a seat belt in his seat when he attended Parliament,” he remarked.

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