Lakshmi Gopalaswamy talked about ‘Wish to marry someone like Mohanlal’ – Movie Mint

Lakshmi Gopalaswamy talked about ‘Wish to marry someone like Mohanlal’

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The award winning classical dancer, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy dedicated most of her life to the art she devotes. The 46-year old artist is now working on a Musical Drama Kambhoji which stars herself and Vineeth in lead roles. While the film is in final stages of making, she talked to a leading daily about the first ever on-screen working experience with Vineeth and the recent rumors about her wishing to marry someone like Mohan Lal.

About Vineeth she said, ‘We’ve been sharing some stage experiences as dancers for over 13 years but somehow full-length movie together never happened. Vineeth is a very nice person and it has been fun on the set chatting as we have a lot in common. I am friends with Vineeth that I was wondering how to play a romantic couple. But we pulled it off, and turned the comfort factor to our advantage.

Talking about the speculation about marrying someone like Mohan Lal, ‘That came as a shock to me, I’ve never said anything like that and am wondering how such a statement came out. Of course Mohan Lal has a lot of qualities I would love in a man, his humility, discipline, the way he treats his co-stars… but wouldn’t stretch it to say I want to marry someone like him, or anyone for that matter, right now. I’m far too mature to idolize actors at this age.

She even added saying she would consider someone who has similar interests and someone who can respect her choices.

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