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Look how AbRam wished Shahrukh on Father’s day!

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Shahrukh Khan with AbRam
Shahrukh Khan with AbRam

Celeb kids are always noticed and talked about. But AbRam, the youngest kid of Shahrukh Khan is special. He is not only super cute, but he does some tiny little things that leave us no other choice but fall in love with him. He did one such thing again on father’s day. He took a piece of paper and wrote ‘I Love Papa’ on it. He drew and colored a heart in it. He even did cut the edges and decorated with some stickers. AbRam’s mother, Shahrukh’s wife Gauri Khan shared the image on her Instagram. Look at it.

AbRams an artist… Happy Fathers Day. ❤️@iamsrk

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Don’t you just love it? Kids are the cutest things that can happen to anyone, aren’t they? How did you celebrate Father’s day? Let us know in the comments below.