Look what this moonstruck fan of Alia Bhatt did

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Alia Bhatt is a budding star in Bollywood and she has become the candy coop of every youngster in the country. With just four to five movies old, this chirpy lass has earned a lot of fan base across the globe. However there is this crazy ardent fan of hers who calls Alia as Mrs Chaube and claims to be  the biggest fan ever on this planet, and indeed is.

Recently his craziness had gone overboard. There is a stilt from the movie ‘Shaandaar’ in which Alia wears a pink bikini. He has very smartly photo cropped the image and put a towel around her, saying Pic 1: Incorrect Pic 2. Correct. Looks like he is very protective and possessive about his dream actress or wife so to say.

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