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Love couple elope & commit suicide

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An 18-year-old girl who went missing from her home three months ago was found dead in the Hayathnagar forest area on Wednesday, police said.The girl, Manasa, whose body had decomposed, was in love with her neighbour Haribabu. They had eloped and committed suicide. Manasa’s body could not be traced and a missing case was registered.Police said that B. Manasa’s family migrated from Nalgonda and settled in Hayathnagar. She discontinued her studies after Class IX and was learning tailoring. Her neighbour, N. Haribabu, 25, an electrician, fell in love with Manasa.

Coming to know of this her parents sent her to their relatives in Warangal.
Haribabu came to know of this, went to Warangal and they eloped. On November 21 they went to a forest in Thattiannaram village, police said.Around midnight Haribabu sent an SMS to both families from his mobile saying they are committing suicide. Haribabu collapsed after consuming poison. Later, Haribabu ran on to the main road and called his family. His people rushed to the spot and found him unconscious by the roadside.Later, he died in hospital. Since then, Manasa’s family had been searching for her. On Wednesday, the police and her family started searching at the spot where Haribabu was found.

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