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Ma Ka Pa Anand as Rajinikanth

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There is so much hype about Rajinikanth’s upcoming film ‘Kabali’ that everything and anything in the news almost close to the movie is becoming a huge sensation. Well who can be blamed. That’s the kind of craze Rajini has in the film industry. Recently a report  made many believe that Ma Ka Pa Anand is actually Superstar Rajinikanth. A few days back a man posing in joaker’s attire has been leaked and was doing rounds in the social media. It was believed that Rajinikanth was the man who disguised as a joker that gave rise to speculations about Rajini’s characterisation as a joker for the movie Kabali.

Later it was revealed that the man in the picture is none other than Ma Ka Pa Anand of television fame, according to a report. Ma Ka Pa Anand who featured in the movie Vanavarayan Vallavarayan later confirmed that some of his designers might have  leaked the picture in which he is almost unrecognizable, according to reports. It is also said that the RJ turned VJ turned actor was quite happy about the dramatic event as many had perceived him as Rajinikanth, who he says is his role model in real life.

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