Making video of ‘Annange Love Agidhe’ from ‘Masterpiece’ released – Movie Mint

Making video of ‘Annange Love Agidhe’ from ‘Masterpiece’ released

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Masterpiece has been making rounds on social media from yesterday. ‘Annange Love Agidhe’ is the first song in the recent times of KFI, which includes 1000 junior artists along with lead actors Yash and Shanvi Srivastava.   The film-makers of Masterpiece have released the making video of ‘Annange Love Agidhe’.

The 3 minutes 23 seconds making video is a feast to watch. Annange Love Agidhe song has been picturized very colourfully and dedicated to all the fans of Yash.  For the first time in Kannada film industry the song has gathered the highest dancers, crew men and junior artists. The main highlight of the mass song is Yash and his dashing looks.

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