Man Who Buried Girlfriend Allegedly Also Killed Parents, Skulls Found

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Man Who Buried Girlfriend Allegedly Also Killed Parents, Skulls Found


BHOPAL: A man arrested for allegedly killing his live-in partner and entombing her body has told police that he murdered his parents six years ago and buried them in their house in Raipur.

Police today said they are verifying the shocking claim made by Udyan Das (32) who was arrested for allegedly strangulating his live-in partner Akanksha (28) in December last year and entombing her body at his residence here.

“During interrogation, he has told police that he had strangulated his mother and father in 2010-11 and buried them in the compound of their house in Raipur,” South Bhopal Superintendent of Police (SP) Sidharath Bahuguna told.

“We are sending a police party to Raipur. We cannot rely on his statement as he is changing them frequently,” he added.

Earlier, in his statement to police, the accused had said his father P K Das, a retired officer of Bhopal based BHEL who ran a factory after superannuation, had died of heart attack in 2010 at a Raipur hospital, Bhopal Govindpura area City Superintendent of Police (CSP) Virendra Mishra, under whose jurisdiction the crime was committed, said.

Udayan has given contradictory statements about his mother Indrani too, saying she was staying in the US and Delhi, he added.

“The accused has a very sharp mind and convincing power. He speaks fluent English and lies with confidence,” the CSP added.

Das met 28-year-old Akanksha on a social networking site and told her he was an IIT graduate recently back from the US. He moved in with her in June.

In December, the two had a huge fight, after which Das allegedly strangled Akanksha. Das claims he suspected she was having an affair.

He allegedly placed her body in a metal box and poured concrete to create a mausoleum of sorts inside his bedroom. He covered the block with marble.
For days, he allegedly chatted online with Akanksha’s family using her account.

When Akanksha went silent except for WhatsApp messages, her family reported her missing.

Last week, her mobile phone was tracked down to the home that she shared with Das. A neighbour had complained of a stench from the house, which Das first tried to pass off as dead rats.

The police say Das claimed at first that his mother was a police officer now based in the US and his father was a factory owner.

Confronted with discrepancies in his statements, Das finally broke down. On Thursday night, the police used large drills for three hours to dig out the body. The next day, Das was arrested and charged.

He is now expected to be charged with three murders, including those of his parents.

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