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Manju Warrier’s fitness routine

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Manju Warrier is one of the most prominent actresses of Mollywood. She has acted with several ace directors and top notch actors. She is also regarded as one of the best looking actresses in Malayalam film fraternity. She has recently spill the beans about her fitness and natural good looks. She says that her diet comprises of fresh vegetables with no oil. She prefers home cooked food over outside food.

She does nit sweat it out at the gym like most of her contemporaries instead she practices yoga and dance regularly that keeps are active, energetic and more confident. It has been reported recently that she lost 10 kgs of weight in order to look like a 20 year old for the role she is assaying in the movie, ‘  Jo and the Boy’. Way to go Manju. Sure its an inspiration for her female fans and in general for women folk as well.


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