The case of rape allegations against a Saudi Arabian diplomat by two Nepalese women has been going on for the past few days and the Saudi Arabian Embassy claimed the allegations against the  diplomat and his family were false according to a source in the Gurgaon Police yesterday. However the latest news is that medical examination of the two complainants by a four-member medical board justified the charges. The team  of 4 doctors comprise of  an orthopedic surgeon, conducted a second examination on Wednesday on a request of the investigating officer. A source in the hospital who had access to the medical examination report, said that the women were sexually abused  in every possible manner and it would take a long time for the injuries to  heal. Even though the full content of the abuse was not provided by the source, it was said that the rape was done savagely.

Navdeep Virk, Gurgaon Police Commissioner claimed that on Wednesday , another report  presenting all facts that “have come forth in the investigation so far, and keeping in view the provisions of the Vienna Convention 1961 has been sent to the External Ministry of Affairs.