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Mehbooba Movie Review

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Mehbooba Movie Review



Mehbooba is a romantic action drama that is set against the backdrop of the 1971 Indo-Pak war, directed and produced by Puri Jagannadh. featuring Puri Jagan’s son Akash Puri and Neha Shetty in the lead roles.

Puri Jagannadh has written the script for the movie with Thatavarthi Kiran and A Sreedhar and co-produced with Charmy Kaur.

“Mehbooba” Movie Cast & Crew:

Director: Puri Jagannadh
Produced by: Puri Jagannadh
Starring: Akash Puri & Neha Shetty
Music Director: Sandeep Chowta
Language: Telugu

“Mehbooba” Movie Story Line:

Roshan (Akash Puri) and Lahore girl Afreen (Neha Shetty) often recall their past life in dreams. The dreams haunt them even after they grown up. Roshan helps Afreen who is in Hyderabad to pursue higher studies and they start liking each other. Afreen parents bring her back to hometown in Lahore.

Meanwhile in an interesting scene, Roshan comes to know that Afreen’s past life is real, He always get haunted by some dreams of his death in his past life. How he enters Pakistani territory and brings her back.

How these two youngsters overcome the circumstances created by the war to find love forms the crux of the story.


Plus Points:

Akash Puri excelled performance
Best dialogues
Story line
Neha Shetty too good
Production Values

Minus Points:

Screenplay Rating:  3/5

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