Model files case on ‘Ajaz Khan’ for sending her dirty texts – Movie Mint

Model files case on ‘Ajaz Khan’ for sending her dirty texts

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Ajaz Khan in a new controversy
Ajaz Khan in a new controversy

Actor and former Big Boss contestant Ajaz Khan is again in a new controversy. This time the subject is women harassment and sexual abuse. Aishwarya Choubey, a model from Mumbai gave a written complaint at Versova Police Station. She said,

Yes, I have given a written letter to Versova police station. I will be also filing an FIR against him. I had met Ajaz Khan through a common friend and we got in touch. Initially we used to chat on WhatsApp. But he started sending me vulgar messages a few days ago. I felt weird and awkward. I did not know what to do. Then I decided to file a complaint against him.

She even mentioned she is ready to take it back if he promises not to repeat it with her or any other girl. ‘If he promises he won’t do it again with me or any other girl, I shall take my complaint back. He is not my enemy. I don’t want to create any problems. But he has to give me proof that he won’t attempt something like this again,” she said.

When media checked the issue with the Police Station, an officer said that the actor was arrested but was later released under PR bond (Personal Recognizance bond). Even then Ajaz was arguing that he was never arrested and didn’t even get a call from Police station. He said the whole news is false and he only met her twice and don’t know what is her intention behind this drama.

Ajaz Khan is known for his appearance in Big Boss, films like Rakta Charitra, Allah Ke Banday, Dookudu (Telugu), Nayak (Telugu), Heart Attack (Telugu).