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Modi & Zuckerberg became emotional

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Tough the event lasted for 50 minutes, both Zuckerberg and Modi became emotional. Modi said that women play a very big and vital role in the future of his country and almost was into tears while discussing the role of his mother in his life. He mentioned that  She had struggled when he was younger, he said, in order to “make ends meet”. He was quoted saying, “a mother will never want you to become something; she will think about how you will achieve that,” he said. “I am from a very ordinary family, a very poor family. I sold tea in railway stations.”

Later, Zuckerberg told Modi about a little-known incident several years ago when, he said, Facebook “wasn’t doing so well”. The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, he said, urged him to take a spiritual trip to India and visit a temple there.The journey, Zuckerberg said, cleared his head and helped reaffirm Facebook’s mission to connect billions of people around the world.

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