Mohanlal: ‘Big Salute’ to PM Narendra Modi’s Currency Demonetization

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Mohanlal: 'Big Salute' to PM Narendra Modi's Currency Demonetization
Mohanlal: ‘Big Salute’ to PM Narendra Modi’s Currency Demonetization


Malayalam Superstar Mohanlal has given a “big salute” to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to demonetise high value currency notes.

“I see it as a surgical strike with good intention – his speech as well as actions that followed. I don’t worship personalities, but I idolise ideas which are honest. I see this decision as one of that. Beyond the initial difficulties I understand this is for a good cause,” Mohanlal wrote in his blog.

“When such a big decision is taken, it won’t be in ignorance. I understand the difficulties of standing in a queue. We stand in long queues outside liquor outlets, cinema theaters and religious places. There is no harm in standing in a queue for a good cause too, is what I think,” the actor added.

Mohanlal also points out that the demonetization has also affected the film industry, as much as it affected the lives of the commoners. But, the industry is trying to overcome it with active teamwork. The actor, who is currently filming for his upcoming Major Ravi-directed war movie 1971 Beyond Borders in a small town near Jaipur

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