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Mohanlal to play Kunjali Marikkar in Priyadarshan’s next

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Mohanlal to play Kunjali Marikkar in Priyadarshan’s next



Mohanlal andPriyadarshan, and that’s seemingly the reason why the two have decided to choose their next carefully. For their upcoming outing together, the director has zeroed in on a mega budget, period movie about Kunjali Marikkars of the 16th century.

The director, who reunited with Mohanlal last year for the superhit Oppam, tells us, “We wanted to do a big film together next. As a result, we have been working on Kunjali Marikkar for some time. The research for the film is ongoing and it would take at least 10 months for that to complete.”

Kunjali Marikkar was the title given to the naval chief of the Zamorin in the 16th century, to protect the coast against the Portuguese. There were four key Kunjali Marikkars during the era and Priyadarshan says that they haven’t decided which one Mohanlal will play.

“The movie will be a mix of fiction and facts as information about many of the incidents that happened during the era is unavailable. It’s all scattered and we are trying to combine all of that and come up with a good storyline,” he says.

Earlier, there were rumours that Mohanlal and Priyadarshan would be teaming up for a movie in which the superstar would be playing a police trainer. However, the director dismisses it. “That was one of the many scripts we have have heard. However, by the time I finish listening to a final script, I should feel a certain level of thrill and that didn’t happen,” says Priyadarshan, whose next release will be the Tamil remake of Maheshinte Prathikaram titled Nimir.

While the Mohanlal movie will be his next Malayalam film, the director says he would be doing a Bollywood film before

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