Monika Ghurde Raped and Killed by ex-guard Rajkumar Singh

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Monika Ghurde Rapped and Killed by ex-guard Rajkumar Singh
  Monika Ghurde Raped and Killed by ex-guard Rajkumar Singh

The Goa police on Wednesday said it was established that perfumer Monika Ghurde was murdered between 2 am and 2.30am on October 6, close to eight hours after accused Rajkumar Singh had forcefully entered her house in Sangolda.

Police sources said when Singh, a former security guard at Sapna Raj Valley apartment complex in Sangolda,forcefully entered Ghurde’s flat at about 6.30pm on October 5, she shouted for help for at least a minute. He then flashed a knife to silence her.

Monika Ghurde was found dead on 6th Oct at her Goa residence. The alleged killer, 22-year-old Rajkumar was arrested on Sunday, after he took a selfie standing in front of an apparel shop in Bengaluru and posted it on Facebook, alerting the police.

Gupta further detailed the day of the crime, stating that Singh posing as a security supervisor, knocked the door. When Monika opened the door, he forcibly entered her flat at Knife point. When she was about to shout, Singh took control of her and coverd her mouth with his hand taking her to the bathroom, which made Ghurde nervous taking her into a semi-conscious

The DIG said Singh revealed that he then tied her to the bed, binding both her hands and legs. After ensuring that she was helpless, he demanded money.

Gupta said on being demanded money, Monika asked “Singh to take whatever was there in her purse. He found Rs 4000 which Singh told was not enough for him. After which Singh demanded more, Ghurde told him to take her ATM card and gave him the PIN.

Later, Singh took her cellphone to prevent her from alerting anyone and forced her to give him the cellphone’s password. “Once he got the password, he forced her to watch three porn clips,” the DIG said. Gupta said Singh raped her. “We will add Section 376 (rape) IPC to the case,” he added.

The DIG said the police has clinching evidence as the suspect shaved at Ghurde’s flat. “We have recovered hair from the spot,” he said and added that a DNA analysis would be done.

Goa police also ruled out the involvement of any other person in the crime. Initially, the police was working on two suspects following CCTV footage they obtained from an ATM in Porvorim.

Goa police said that revenge, lust and robbery were the motives behind the crime.

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