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Moto X Force : World’s first unbreakable smartphone

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Motorola will soon launch  its newly announced Moto X Force, the world’s first shatterproof smartphone. It’s taken three years to come to fruition, but the display on the Moto X Force is truly indestructible. Motorola’s so confident, in fact, that it’s guaranteeing the screen for four years of typical use, whether it’s dropping it on the pavement, or it happens to fall out of your pocket up a ladder.

The secret behind the screen’s toughness is all down to what Motorola’s calling its Moto Shattershield. While most smartphones typically have two layers making up the display (the LCD or AMOLED panel and the top glass layer), the Moto X Force has five. The Moto X Force won’t come cheap, though, as this top of the range handset will start at £499 SIM-free for the 32GB version direct from Motorola, and £534 for the 64GB version. The Moto X Force will be launching in mid-November.

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