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Mukesh & Narain team up for a comedy film

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Actors Mukesh and Narain will be seen in an upcoming film, playing prominent roles. The movie will be a satirical one. Interestingly, it has been titled ‘Angane Thannae Neetave Anchetenam Pinnale’. The movie is set in a village where there are no arguments or fights. When an issue crops up, they have a pot breaking contest.

Naiarin plays a character named Karthik Perumal, who has the Permual lineage famed for not loosing a single contest. How some politicians join the fray and twists happen through Karthik Perumal forms the crux of the movie. Ajith Poojapura is the movie’s director. Nairain is getting active in the industry after a lull. Another of his movies ‘Hallelujah’ has been completed.

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