Multiple Oscar winner Richard Taylor claims Shankar as a ‘genious’

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The very mention of Shankar — a renowned filmmaker who predominantly makes Tamil movies — made Taylor excited. “He’s fantastic, and quite a genius. In fact, Shankar very kindly offered us another film, which we very badly wanted to work on. But we had just accepted an American film. If only he had called us three or four days earlier, we would have been working on another Indian film,” he said.

It was two years ago that Shankar had visited Weta Workshop. The deformed face and body of Indian actor Vikram in filmmaker Shankar’s Tamil romantic thriller, ‘ I ‘ was the work of Richard Taylor’s world renowned Weta Workshop. The multliple Oscar winning talent says it was a “fantastic” experience to work with a “genius” like Shankar and that he’d love to explore opportunities of working with more Indian filmmakers.

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