Mumbai Tourist Attractions are now ‘No-Selfie Zones’ in India.

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One right after waking up, one before having breakfast, one while you are in the car, one when you step into a mall, one while having lunch, one with your pet, one before going to sleep and the list goes on. No am not taking about any medical course. It’s the new cool, Selfie!


‘But first… Lemme take a Selfie!’ this is what you hear around the world these days. A Selfie for everything. The new technological innovation became a threat to road safety these days that caused government declaring 14 locations in India as ‘No Selfie Zones’.

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All this has started last year when the local police have pasted ‘No Selfie Zone’ posters in KumbhMela celebrations to gather the attention on the visitors for the announcements and avoid the stampedes. It was just a small initiation by the local officials, understanding how people are obsessed and gets absent while clicking themselves.

This concept came in to light when a Japanese Tourist lost life in September 2015,allegedly falling down the stairs while clicking a selfie at TajMahal monument, Agra. Russian government reportedly welcomed a campaign to educate the young generation, how life threatening it could be to lose attention for aselfie in dangerous situations. A girl almost died (but survived) shooting herself accidentally while taking a selfie posing with a gun. A man lost his life to a huge bull, trying to take a selfie at the Annual Bull fight event.

Recently Tarannum Ansari, a 19-year-old college student fell down from a rock along with couple of her friends and drowned by the waves of the sea while taking a selfie at Bandra, Mumbai. Ramesh Walanju, who saw the scene passing by has jumped into the water and saved two of the girls and lost his life trying to save Tarannum. Their addiction to selfie took the life of a random guy too. His dead body was found floating after 2 days at a nearby creek.

This incident moved the public and the Mumbai police took action immediately. They have marked 15 places including GirgaumChowpatty beach, Sion Fort, Worli Fort, and Bandra Bandstand as ‘Selfie Prohibited Areas’. Though people doesn’t seem to care the instructions initially, but the police are saying they’ll appoint guards at the stations and make sure they follow the rules for the sake of safety.

There are over 20 deaths which were caused by Selfies in 2015, all over India. Hopefully people stop being so addictive to the new digital drug before it gets worst.

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