My Next film is About Magic Realism: Raam Reddy

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Raam Reddy, Next film About Magic Realism
Raam Reddy, Next film About Magic Realism

After making an award winning film ‘Thithi’, Raam Reddy is more confident on his contrary subjects and dissimilar film making. It’s not over rated to say ‘Thithi’ took him places. The Internationally acclaimed film got him good name and eventually good fame.

He has studied film making in Prague Film School for a year. This economics graduate wrote a novel before getting into films. ‘It’s Raining Maya’ is his book. The film maker was in Mumbai a while ago for some interesting interviews and meetings.

Taking about the inspiration for his script, ‘My experience of rural life is limited and to me, the village’s world was quite unique’, said Raam in an interview. He even said, ‘I will touch upon magic realism in my next project. I want to see how it will translate onto the big screen ‘. I sense another classic on it’s way. What do you think?

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