Nag Ashwin’s next is ‘Mahanati’ Savitri’s life story.

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Nag Ashwin planning Bio-Pic of Legendary actress Savitri
Nag Ashwin planning Bio-Pic of Legendary actress Savitri

Nag Ashwin directed ‘Yevade Subrahmanyam’ and then got married to the producer of the film Priyanka Dutt and we haven’t heard from him till date. Just at the minute we think maybe he is out of movies, we found out he is been spending time on some interesting research for his next film. What is he studying?

Nag Ashwin is a huge admirer of golden days legendary actress ‘Mahanati’ Savitri. ‘There was so much drama in her life. She lived her life fully and I will be as honest as possible in my attempt to recreate it’, said the film maker.

The story and the character of Savitri is so script like, it has got it’s emotional thread so strong that I’m very confident that audiences will relate to it. I feel stories need to have a certain value to be made into cinema and this story has value on so many levels – historic and emotional’, he added.

The pre production works are going on for the project, if things move in positive direction it will be the first Bio-Pic of Telugu and be a period drama set in the golden era. Nag Ashwin is collecting all the needed information for the film with a working title, ‘Mahanati’. They haven’t decided which actress will be playing Savitri. The film will be done in both languages Telugu and Tamil.

We can guess it. Who do you think will fit well for the role?