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Nagababu’s fury over Pawan’s fans

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The cold war between Megastar Chiranjeevi and Powerstar Pawan Kalyan seems to have ended on Chiru’s 60th birthday as Pawan went to greet his brother for his birthday on Saturday evening. Even though both the stars have met at events related to films or family, this is the first time Pawan has visited Chiru’s house after years.

However this did not happen out of the blue. On the day before Chiru’s birthday, an event was organized to celebrate Chiru’s birthday in the presence of his fans. During the celebrations, Pawan Kalyan fans started shouting Pawan’s name asking for his absence. As the celebrations were getting interrupted, Nagababu jumped to the armor and controlled them by saying that no matter how many times they invite Pawan for their events, he never turns up and his fans should go and ask him as to why he doesn’t turn up rather than  creating a havoc.

The furious Nagababu sternly warned Pawan’s fans not to repeat this again or else they would have to face dire consequences. He also remarked saying that there is no powerstar without megastar and it was Chiru’s wife who persuaded Pawan to take up acting rather than direction in which Pawan was more interested in.

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