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NagRGV4: Nagarjuna, RGV’s New Movie Launched; Pre Look Posters Out

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NagRGV4: Nagarjuna, RGV’s New Movie Launched; Pre Look Posters Out



Akkineni Nagarjuna is teaming up with Ram Gopal Varma and their next film has been launched in a grand opening ceremony. The set of the muhurat offered a glimpse about this cop saga.

Nagarjuna and Ram Gopal Varma teamed up for 1989 movie Siva, which not only became a blockbuster but also went on to become a landmark in their career. Then the combo went on to work together in movies like Antham (1992) and Govinda Govinda (1995). Now, after 28 years, the two are working together again in a Telugu film.

Nagarjuna shared a few stills from the film saying that he is excited beyond he can describe. He wears a serious look on his face brooding and playing with his handgun. In one still, he can also be seen playing with a chain, which seems like an effort to remind us of a favourite scene from Shiva, where Nagarjuna fights with a bicycle chain wrapped around his fist.

Nagarjuna posted on his Twitter page, while sharing the pictures. “28 years ago a film called shiva changed my life and now again another film/what I’m feeling now is something I cannot describe! I only wish that life was so exciting every day #NagRGV4.” 


Earlier speaking to media, Ram Gopal Varma had got emotional talking about working with Nagarjuna again after such a long gap. He had said, “My first film Shiva was inaugurated by my father and Akkineni Nageshwara Rao garu and my new film’s opening will be done by my mother and my first producers Akkineni Venket and Yarlagadda Surendra. Yes, I also get emotional and sentimental once every three decades.” Earlier when the movie was announced, RGV had written on Facebook saying, “I am extremely excited that I am doing a film with Nagarjuna after nearly 25 years but contrary to some uninformed media speculations, this new film is nothing to with SHIVA, neither in character nor in story content. It’s a very different but an extremely realistic action film set against a story such as neither me nor Nagarjuna has ever done before. I just hope I will once again live up to his expectations which he had of me the first time he gave me a break.”

Here are the photos and video of Nagarjuna-Ram Gopal Varma’s next film launch:

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