Nani does not play the role of Balakrishna’s fan

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Krishna, played by Nani, is not a fan of Balakrishna in his forthcoming movie, Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gaadha.  When the film was earlier tentatively titled as Jai Balayya, many believed that Nani is a Balakrishna fan in the movie.  However, after the title was changed, it was rumoured that it’s not the case. Nani’s character in KVPG has the words Jai Balayya tattooed on his hand.  This is another reason why many thought Balakrishna is his favourite matinee idol in the movie.  Since the film is set in Anantapur, in the backdrop of Rayalaseema, the rumours only got a boost.It turns out that Nani is nobody’s fan in the movie. Mehrene is the lead actress in the film.

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