Nani final call to Director Maruthi

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Actor Nani is one of the  talented guy in top  emerging actors of Tollywood,Nani with his own acting skills get popularized here and his movies done good business at the box-office.But recent movies of Nani were not impressed by audience and also quoted as loss ventures.

Nani after a long gap okay-ed new movie  with Maruthi which surprised lot in industry,Normally Nani been closer to  family audience due to his boy to next door characters,but teaming up with A certificate director is a bold step in Nani’s career.

Maruthi -Venkatesh movie got shelved due to various reasons and Dvv Danayya looking for the right person to team up with Director Maruthi.At-last after numerous discussions Nani given final nod to Maruthi, Doubts were raising that Nani is going to act in Radha Movie which happened to be done with Venkatesh. we need to wait for a while to get clarity from Nani’s side on which story he is working.

Janda pai kapiraju theartical trailer:

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