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Nani Under Direction Of Avasarala Srinivas

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Nani Under Direction Of Avasarala Srinivas
Nani Under Direction Of Avasarala Srinivas

During the media interaction, Avasarala revealed that he is planning to collaborate with Nani for the interesting movie very soon. Both Nani and Avasarala started their filmy career with  ‘Ashta Chamma’ and their friendship bond continued after the movie also. From long time both  are discussing about the project. It is heard that already the director has narrated the script to Nani and Gentleman actor is very impressed.

Present Avasarala Srinivas playing as lead in ‘Hunter’.

Natural Star Nani also claimed that they are coming with different concept which impresses all kinds of audience.

After the release of ‘Hunter’, he will then be focusing on his third directorial movie. The interesting part is that he has roped in Nani as hero for his third movie. Nani, who also debuted with Avasarala in Indraganti’s ‘Astachemma’, shares great friendship with him. Nani also played cameo appearance in ‘Jyo Achyutananda’.

Says Nani: “I am totally impressed with his directorial skills. He has proven his talent. I will be acting in his direction next year.” And narration of story was completed and Hero Nani got impressed with it.

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