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Nani’s prediction about this director becomes true

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Krishnagaadi Veera Prema Gaadha has turned the tables around for Hanu Ragavapudi and things worked out forhim just the way Nani predicted about this budding director.  He began his journey in a humble way.  His first and only short film, I Am Famous, was on AIDS awareness.  When SS Rajamouli watched it, he found it haunting.In fact, Hanu is not your typical bad-at-studies adolescent who loved films like crazy.

He was good in academics and had this idea of becoming a filmmaker at a much later age.  He came to Hyderabad to pursue MCA.  But least did he know that his creative urges would get the better of him soon. Andala Rakshasi, which many thought was affected and a dull tribute to Mani Ratnam’s Gitanjali, was actually fashioned after European films, in the director’s own words.

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