Nara Rohith claims that he is into no movie deal with Tatikonda Sai

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Tatikonda Sai Krishna has been making claims that he is producing a film with Nara Rohit as hero.  This has come to the notice of the hero, who has come out to make it clear that he knows Tatikonda only as a fan.”It has come to my notice that one Taikonda Sai Krishna has been taking money from some people saying that he is making a film with me.  I want to clarify that I know him only as a fan.  I have no business interests of any kind with him.  I have no manager looking after my affairs.  Let me warn that I won’t tolerate such deception,” he said.Savitri, directed by Pavan Sadineni of Prema Ishq Kadal fame, is set to release on March 25.  Tuntari, directed by Kumar Nagendra of Gundelo Godari fame, is also nearing completion.

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