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Neeraj Madhav in ‘Oozham’

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Neeraj Madhav found himself pleasantly surprised when he was cast to do an important role in an impromptu moment. The casting took place on the dais during a college function when Neeraj Madhav and ace director Jeethu Joseph coincidentally met. What worked in favour of Neeraj was his disheveled look which was perfect for the character that Jeethu had in mind.

The two got talking about the character on stage and about free dates and promptly fixed the role. The movie is none other than Jeethu’s upcoming flick ‘Oozham’ which has Prithviraj in the lead role. Neeraj happily announced the surprise role to the audience at the college,much to their delight. He said that this was his third time with Prithviraj, the previous two being ‘memories’ and ‘Sapthamasree Thaskara’ and he expressed happiness over the increase in screen time progressively. He has a full length role in ‘Oozham’and his character is named Ajmal. This movie will be a revenge story though sans the suspense factor.

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