Neha Dhupia impressed by a Participant on MTV Rodies Rising

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Neha Dhupia impressed by a Participant on MTV Rodies Rising



Neha Dhupia is quite a boss lady but not many know that she is an emotional person at heart. She is the only woman gang leader that MTV Roadies has ever had. She is strong headed, poised and holds her presence in a room full of males.

When Neha and other gang leaders- Rannvijay, Karan, Harbhajan and Prince recently went to Delhi for auditions, Neha came across an incredibly zealous and confident Jatt girl, Rakhi who was merely 22 years old. Neha was extremely touched by the strength of the young girl who had been through a lot, right from her father hitting her mother to her boyfriend leaving her to marry another girl. Thinking about the struggles Rakhi had to go through at such a tender age, Neha broke down and said that she is extremely inspired by such women who stand up for their families despite facing opposition.

A source said, “Neha is a very strong yet emotional person. She was particularly impressed by Rakhi and her courage to support her mother and family. The other gang leaders were in awe of the girl as well.”Rakhi was later selected by three gang leaders. It remains to be seen whose team did she finally got into?

Renault MTV Roadies Rising airs this Saturday at 7 pm on MTV.

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