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‘Neil Nitin Mukesh’ Gets Engaged to Rukmini Sahay

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'Neil Nitin Mukesh' Gets Engaged to Rukmini Sahay
 ‘Neil Nitin Mukesh’ Gets Engaged to Rukmini Sahay

Neil Nitin Mukesh, grandson of legendary singer Mukesh, has got engaged to Mumbai-based Rukmini Sahay at a ceremony attended by close family and friends. It is an arranged match, and the wedding is planned for early next year.

The ceremony took place at a Juhu hotel here on Tuesday, which was the auspicious occasion of Dussehra.

Rukmini belongs to the aviation industry and both the families know each other well.

It would be an arranged marriage for Neil Nitin Mukesh, after he got engaged to Rukmini Sahay, a Mumbai-based girl on the occasion of Dussehra. The marriage is scheduled to be held early next year. Rukmini works in the aviation industry and the families, which know each other well, decided to formalize relations recently.

Neil’s father Nitin Mukesh said, “Nishi, Neha, Naman and I are ecstatic. Neil is quite old school in his ways and is a firm believer in the traditional school of thought when it comes to the sacred institution of marriage. He left the decision of finding his soulmate in his parents trusted hands and there couldn’t have been a better match for him than Rukmini. She has already won the hearts of the Mukesh parivaar with her simplicity and upbringing.

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