Nepalese women raped by Saudi diplomat do not want to step out of Nepal again

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The news about two Nepalese women who came to India in order to earn good money from a descent job were highly disappointed and agonized for  being raped by Saudi Arabia diplomat came into  lime light just a day back. Now both the women want to return back to their country and never want to step out of Nepal again. Both the women will be issued a temporary passport soon to send them back to Nepal by the Nepalese embassy. The original passports are still with the Saudi Arabian diplomat. Even though they were rescued, they did not collect their baggage according to reports from Balkrishan Pandey, conveyor of Maiti India NGO.

They were held hostage and allegedly sexually abused almost every day for the last four months. This is not the first time that foreign girls are subjected to sexual abuse or child trafficking in India and other countries around the world. In the past several similar cases surfaced and there are still millions of innocent girls who are shadowed under the nefarious and re-probating crime of sexual abuse, prostitution and child trafficking.


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