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New scheme by Pondy Govt: Tickets for Toilets

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Though its release date is being postponed many times, the excitement in Rajinikanth fans for Kabali isn’t fading away. Adding to it, the gangster drama is in news everyday for a different reason. Kabali is slated to get released all over the world on 22nd July. We’ve seen how the Kabali promotions are flying high, printed on Airbus outer bodies and now Pondicherry Government is trying to route the craze for the film towards a very useful and impactful event. So, this is what happened.

Puducherry Government announced that Sellipet Villagers can win free Kabali tickets by constructing Toilets for their usage’. According to a recent survey, Sellipet village have 772 households out of which 442 doesn’t have toilets. Apparently the officials tried educating them through Swachh Bharat advisory but nothing really worked until they introduce this ‘Tickets for Toilet’ scheme. They said a lot of people already started constructing toilets and in fact they are doing it like a competition to win free tickets.

Though it’s not a proud moment to notice that cinema is more important for people than sanity, but isn’t that a smart move by the government for a good initiative? What do you think about it?

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