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New Shows of ‘Mahathalli’ Jahnavi and ‘Viva’ Harsha on Viu!

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New Shows of ‘Mahathalli’ Jahnavi and ‘Viva’ Harsha on Viu!



Telugu Comedy Shows ‘Munching with Mahathalli’ and ‘Cinema Pichollo’ To Release on 29th March

 Hyderabad 27th March, 2017:  They both are entertainers who have set the digital world ablaze with their comedy, garnered a strong following and made people take notice. We are talking about Jahnavi Dasetty of ‘Mahathalli’ fame and ‘Viva’ Harsha, who will now be seen on video streaming service Viu in two new shows–‘Munching with Mahathalli’ and Cinema Pichollo’ respectively. Both the shows will be released on 29thMarch and viewers can stream the shows on or the Viu app.


What’s New with Mahathalli? Checking out what she’s ‘Munching’ in the trailer:


The show ‘Munching with Mahathalli’ will see Tollywood’s Superwoman Jahnavi Dasetty conduct satirical interviews with stereotypical characters of the Telugu film industry played by her. The show will have special guests from the industry whom Jahnavi will interview and relive some of the most famous scenes of Tollywood cinema with them.

 Talking about her new show, Jahnavi Dasetty said, “I’m super excited to be debuting on Viu with my new show ‘Munching with Mahathalli’. It’s has been a fun experience for me and I am sure it will be fun for the viewers as well. While I am reprising the character of Mahathalli, the concept of the show is different. Stay entertained!”

The characters we see on-screen in our Telugu films are one of a kind. I am sure no other film industry in the world can boast of the melodramatic personalities and action sequences that we have. I will try my best to impersonate them on the show and hope to make my fans laugh!”

Produced by Viu and Tamada Media, ‘Munching with Mahathalli’ will have 26 episodes. The first few episodes will showcase some of our favorite on-screen Telugu cinema characters such as Amma, Teacher, Side kick etc. answering bold and fun questions.

Get a taste of Cinema Pichollo by checking out the trailer:


The other show starring ‘Viva’ Harsha titled Cinema Pichollo celebrates Tollywood cinema and the absolute hysteria that fans experience when they see their cinematic idols making their dramatic entries, delivering ‘punch’ dialogues, woo heroines, their dance moves or beating villainson screen. Harsha Chemmudu will be anchoring the show along with Shanmukh ‘Shannu’ Jaswanth in a 26-episode series on Viu co-produced by Whacked Out! Media.

‘Cinema Pichollo’ shows two sides of the same coin. Heads I win, tails you lose”, quipped ‘Viva’ Harsha“Together with Shannu, we look at our Telugu films and the performances of our actors from two contrasting perspectives” he added.

“Harsha and I are as different as night and day, literally. I can dance, but he creates an earthquake. ‘Cinema Pichollo’ celebrates our love for Telugu cinema and together, we are going to rock the comedy scene with this show on Viu!” says an excited Shanmukh.

Viu is the OTT Video on Demand service of Vuclip which is the leading video service provider in emerging markets of India, SE Asia and the Middle East.

Viu is the first Video on Demand service to foray into regional originals in Telugu.

It has tied up with Annapurna Studios which will be presenting 3 shows – Pavan Sadineni’s PillA, Mallik Ram’s ‘Pelli Gola’ and Jahnavi Dasetty’s ‘Munching with Mahathalli’ for the global Telugu audience. It is also co-producing a show with Viva Harsha called ‘Cinema Pichollo’

Viu will be launching such new Telugu shows every quarter.

Also attached is an exclusive pic of Jahnavi Dasetty’s new show on Viu.


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