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Nikhil & Charmi’s Christmas world

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Peace for our hate-filled world When I look around, I see a world that is fractured with hatred and fear. Isn’t it funny that as we advance and bridge the gap between possible and impossible, the only thing that seems impossible for human race is peace. Peace within ourselves and outside. So if I was the Santa who makes people’s dreams come true, I would snap my fingers, manufacture bubbles of peace and love and fill the world with them! — Charmme, actress

 If I was Santa this Christmas, I would gift the world a giant air purifying machine. Or at least that is where I will start from. We knowingly are polluting the planet — our home. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat are polluted and adulterated because of our own greed and foolishness. — Nikhil, actor

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