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Nizamabad highly prone to floods

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Chennai devastating floods has rung an alarm in all the major cities in the country including Hyderabad. Too many encroachments have been known to build up a flood. The people of Malapally, Mujahidnagar, Auton-agar, Khoja Colony and other residential colon-ies in the city had experienced it two years ago when drainage water entered homes in the low-lying areas. Residents of such areas and slums, fearing a recurrence of this, urged the district administration to verify the encroachments and take necessary preventive measures.

Nizamabad is now looking at a similar situation resulting due to the encroachments made on rivulets and drainage canals here. This did occur last year in a few colonies within the Nizamabad Municipal Corporation’s limits. Incessant rains had water seeping in from the drains and canals. Poor coordination between the Municipal Corporation and the Revenue and Irrigation departments resulted in such a situation coming to pass when it is their job to avert such a disaster.

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