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Non-baialable warrant against Lalit Modi

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Lalit Modi, the corrupted cricket tycoon who currently resides in London, could be shackled in handcuffs soon to sock him  to attend his legal trial in India in a case of money-laundering. A court in Mumbai has today declared a non-bailable warrant for Mr Modi, who has affirmed himself as a national strife due  to allegations and  close tie ups  with top leaders of the BJP.

Mr Modi, 49, was the swashbuckling creator of the cash-rich Indian Premier League (IPL), the domestic 20-20 cricket tournament that turned into a swaggering and sensational hit. But in 2010, he left the country because of serious allegations of tax artifice, money-laundering and stand-in ownership entrenched in the IPL. He has since denied  to come back to India, citing death threats from the underworld.

The agency says Mr Modi maneuvered the process of accrediting broadcast rights of the IPL in 2009, reportedly making a transaction  for a kickback of over 100 crores.  Accession against Mr Modi has been given by N Srinivasan, former head of the all-powerful BCCI, which is the top notch cricket bureaucratic body in the country.

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