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Not funny Tanmay! Not funny at all!

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Tanmay Makes offensive Snapchat video
Tanmay Makes offensive Snapchat video

We did grow up seeing different stages of comedy. Silent, noisy, satirical, bloopers, what not.. All the types and all the times.. Now finally we are at the most disgusting era of comedy. The new trend is ‘Insulting’.

Starting with the stand ups in local lounges to TV shows. This new trend of comedy is being sold. No matter if someone is buying or not. It’s just being sold. AIB (All India Bakchod) is famous for it’s witty, young, smart gang that makes fun of everything and makes it count. Everyone enjoys their skits and programs and the lakhs of views of their videos and followers are the proof to it. Tanmay Bhatt who is the co-creator of this group is trending now and for a very bad reason.

Apparently this comedian downloaded the new Snapchat App and trying all the ways out to use it for his work. But it backfired like never before. Suddenly AIB is in news as much as it was during ‘Roast’. Snap chat is a mobile application where you can add real-time effects into their snaps by using face detection technology. You can layer your face with any other given face and talk as they talk in the video.

Tanmay made a video on his snapchat and put it out on his social media profiles, calling it Sachin vs Lata Civil War. Look at the video once..

What do we call it? He himself called it a non-sense. He used the faces of Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar and made them curse each other and make fun of their work. It is funny to call each other names and make fun of their appearances on stage shows but it is absolutely not funny to make fun of people who are being worshipped by the practitioners of respective art and sport. It already came too far because everyone ignored when the comedy trend is changing downwards and if we still keep ignoring, we might end up in a ruthless society. Body shaming is a disgusting drift. It shouldn’t be encouraged by a popular comedian who has crores of viewers around the globe. Not funny Tanmay! Not funny at all!