“One Accident made me Change my name…” says Urmila Gayathri, the lead of ‘MEOW’

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“One Accident made me Change my name…” says Urmila Gayathri, the lead of ‘MEOW’
“One Accident made me Change my name…” says Urmila Gayathri, the lead of ‘MEOW’


“There is a difference between Dogs and Cats. Dogs will think their owners as Kings but Cat will think themselves as Kings…” say pet lovers. This pride of the cat is reflected in the positive attitude of the heroine of the film Meow Urmila Gayathri.

Meow is not a completely animated movie, it also have a live Persian cat too…” starts Urmila Gayathri in a confident tone. “I play as an independent and a bold Model in MEOW and the story starts with me and travels along the border of my model character. There are two songs in this film for which I had to shake my legs but missed it due to my injury.

The actress though excited of being a part of this quirky project, has had her share of accidents. The actress fell during a song shoot in Binny mills and broke her elbow and dislocated her knees. Until then i was Gayathri but after that i am now Urmila Gayathri. Fingers crossed to prove this name is lucky to me. As how they say cat has nine lives, here it is the heroine of “Meow” a film on a cat has got the first of nine lives” says Urmila Gayathri.

“Tamil Cinema has given birth to lots of new concepts and many new age films. The Tamil Audience will always go for quality and classy films and hence it is a slight difficult to please them. But I am quite sure that our MEOW has got all the qualities and potentiality to satisfy their expectations. We realize that success is only a cat on the wall. Just that quality ensures that the film jumps on the right side” says Urmila Gayathrie, the female lead of MEOW in a positive tone.

Meow, the first ever film in Indian Cinema that has a Persian Cat in the lead role is touted to be one of the most anticipated Comedy Thriller in 2016. Produced by Vincent Adaikalaraj under the banner ‘Global Woods Movies’, the film ‘Meow’ is directed by debutante Chinaas Palanisamy that has famous Model Urmila Gayathri in the female lead.

Cast & Crew

Director : chinnas palanisamy
Producer : Vincent adaikalraj
Heroine : Urmila Gayathri
Hero : Raja
Actors : Sanjay micky, Hayden, Kumar, Daniel, Yuvina, Saigopi, Anand taga ,Stanely, Telephone raj, Maina Balu
Cinephotography: Ramesh acharya
Music : sreejith edavano
Editor : Sathish surya


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